Designed in collaboration with you

Quadrant is shelving systems for the quality-conscious consumer. We make sure to select the best materials for your shelving systems. The design is created in collaboration with you.

You decide the details

Quadrant gives you the opportunity to decide the design. You select the specific modules and whether you want to add wheels, legs or plinths – or if you want to mount the shelving system to your wall. 

Try out our drawing program and design your shelving unit from scratch or based on one of our most popular combinations. 

You decide all the details to create your own personal look.


Add legs to your shelving unit to create a simple and elegant look.

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Shelving unit with legs


Mount a single shelving module on the wall next to your bed or an entire shelving system with several modules in your living room.

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Suspended shelving unit from Quadrant


You can easily change the dynamism in a room by refurnishing your interior design or repositioning your shelving unit on wheels. 

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Shelving unit on wheels


A plinth is a solid foundation for your shelving system. A classic choice for larger shelving systems.

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Shelving units with plinth

Design your own personal shelving system in our drawing program

Get inspired by our favourite styles

Do you need some inspiration before you design your new shelving unit? Or do you want to create a design based on one of our most popular combinations? Don’t worry – we have plenty of opportunities to choose from. Get inspired by our favourite ones before you make your own personal design.

Explore the possibilities

Start from scratch

With Quadrant you can design your shelving unit from scratch. Try our drawing program to experiment with different elements, colours and interior design. You decide where to begin and where to end your design.

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Shelving systems after your measurements

Shelving systems with unique assembly brackets

3 themes and 1,900 colours

The colours you choose for your home mean everything. Quadrant gives you more than 1,900 colours to choose from. With endless possibilities the decision can be quite difficult. We know that. 

To help make your decision easier we have created three colour themes – By Nature, Calm Me and Up to Speed. Explore our colour themes and find the colours that suit your home best.


One shelving system. Thousands of opportunities

Three depth sizes

Four different sides, sixteen formats and three depth sizes. Quadrant is what you decide it to be.

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Shelving modules in different depth sizes

Shelves, drawers, doors and knobs

Select the shelves, drawers, doors and knobs you like the most. Your shelving unit from Quadrant is your choice.

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Shelves, drawers, doors and knobs for shelving units

Repair your shelving unit instead of discarding it

Is the surface of your shelving unit marred or parts of it broken? Furniture are made to be used. We offer to assist you in replacing them and give them a new life when needed.

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Repair your shelving unit

Unique assembly brackets

Your shelving systems are assembled with our unique and patented assembly bracket. Two sides between the modules are simply waste of wood and with these assembly brackets not necessary – which is a very important matter for us. 

Design your shelving unit

Unique and patented assembly brackets