Design the shelving unit of your dreams in our drawing program

With our drawing program you can compose your very own shelving system. Choose your favourite colour or colours among more than 1,900 different colours. And choose between our selection of doors, shelves and sizes to design your new shelving system exactly as you need it. 

In the drawing program you get a unique drawing ID which you can send directly to one of the Quadrant retailers.

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Watch in below video tutorial how easy it is to use our 3D configurator

Quadrant danish shelving systems try drawing program

Video tutorial on how to use our 3D quadrant configurator 

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Quadrant – because variation matters

Your furniture are an important part of your home. With Quadrant they will last a lifetime.


Focus on the detail

Thanks to the unique Quadrant assembly bracket there is only one side element between two modules. A simple and timeless design. With our unique assembly bracket you can easily change or add a new module to your shelving system.

Quadrant assembly bracket shelving system


Personality, functionality, ambiance and dynamism

Use the three different depth sizes to create a dynamic look. Let your choice of colour reflect your personality and combine the modules to get the functionality you need.

Quadrant shelving system with shelves


Simplicity and elegance

Do you want simplicity and elegance? Or do you want lots of colours and different combinations? Try out your ideas in our drawing program or read more about the Quadrant colour palette.

Quadrant simple white shelving unit on the wall

Get the full elements overview

Endless opportunities can make it hard to decide. Get the full overview of depths, drawers, doors and much more in our elements overview. You can find all you need to know before you begin designing your new shelving system.

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Quadrant elements overview shelving systems

Quadrant Danish design shelving systems catalogue

Find inspiration in our catalogue

Quadrant gives you many opportunities. Explore some of them in our catalogue. You can design your new shelving system as you want from scratch or based on some of our most popular combinations. 

In the catalogue you can find inspiration for colour choices, combinations and interior design.

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