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With Quadrant you can design the shelving system of your dreams. Combine sizes, depths, shelves, doors and colours as you wish. Find inspiration in our most popular combinations.

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Choose between 1,900 colours

Colours are amazing and in the Quadrant colour palette you will find a colour for any purpose. 

Quadrant is available in five standard colours and three inspiration themes. With all our combinations you can choose between 1,900 different colours. Which one suits you the best?

Get inspired by our colour themes


Quadrant shelving systems colour inspiration

Design your own shelving system

Design the shelving unit of your dream in our drawing program

We all have different preferences. Why settle for a shelving unit someone else has designed when you can design it yourself? In our drawing program you can combine sizes, colours and module combinations to suit your home.

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People and environment matters

Your furniture are an important part of your home. With Quadrant they will last a lifetime.


Have your shelving unit repainted instead of replacing it

Quadrant is just as easy to assemble as it is to disassemble. They are also easy to paint and you can give your old shelving unit a new look in no time.

Repaint your Quadrant shelving unit


Rebuild or add an extra module to your shelving unit

If you move to a new home you might need to change or extend your shelving system. You can easily rearrange your shelving system or buy more elements to make your furniture fit perfectly into your new place.

Rearrange your shelving system


Repair your shelving unit instead of discarding it

Is the surface of your shelving unit marred or parts of it broken? Furniture are made to be used. We assist you if you wish to replace them and give them a new life when needed.

Quadrant reol istandsæt og genbrug

We put a lot of effort in our work

It is all about good craftsmanship. Since 1917 we have been manufacturing furniture and our basic principle is the same today as it was back then. The quality must always be at its best. Even if it takes time.

Manufacturing shelving units in Aulum in Denmark

Fewer demands on the globe – more demands on us

As a furniture manufacturer we feel it is our responsibility to take care of our shared property – the environment. That is why we only use wood from European forests and we always make sure to replant what we borrow from the nature.

Care for the environment

As easy to assemble as it is to disassemble

Our furniture is made to be used. With our unique assembly bracket you can easily disassemble and reassemble the furniture. Again and again. No need to drill or screw.

Unique assembly brackets for shelving units

There is no Planet B

At Quadrant, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We manufacture our shelving systems in our own factory in Aulum. And we only send our furniture in flat packages with minimum space wasted.

Shelving units manufactured in Denmark

Thinking green is important

Your shelving systems are assembled with our unique and patented assembly bracket. Two sides between the modules are simply waste of wood and with these assembly brackets not necessary – which is a very important matter for us. Also, the brackets give the shelving system a simple look.

Unique assembly brackets to save wood

Find your Quadrant retailer

Find a Quadrant retailer near you

You can see, feel and sense the quality of Quadrant in more than 60 stores all over the country.

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One shelving system. Thousands of opportunities

Basic modules in three depth sizes

Four different sides, sixteen formats and three depths. Quadrant is what you decide.

Shelving modules in three depth sizes

Shelves, drawers, doors and knobs

Pick the shelves, drawers, doors and knobs you like the most. Your shelving unit – your design.

Shelving systems with shelves, drawers, doors and knobs

On the wall or on the floor?

You can hang your shelving modules on the wall or place them on the floor. Your home defines the rules.

Hang your shelving unit on the wall