Add some colour to your life

Your furniture help define who you are and how you feel.
Choose your favourite colours and create a home that matches your personality.

Colours that make great company

Colours are amazing. Choose the ones that make great company or the ones that create contrast in a room. 

With the beautiful Quadrant colour palette you are able to mix and match and create the right personal ambiance in your living room, the office or maybe the children’s room. Or maybe you wish to create some contrast to the kitchen cabinet doors or the furniture in the guest room. There are endless possibilities.

Quadrant colors modular shelving systems

Choose between 5 standard colours and 3 inspiration themes

Our shelving systems are based on five standard colours and three inspiration themes. This gives you a colour palette with 1,900 different colours to choose from. Also, it makes it possible for you to create your own unique furniture that are based on a solid foundation of proud craftsmanship tradition.

The five standard colours based on the NCS colour coding system are: Black (S9000-N), White (S0900-N), Nepal Dark (S4005-Y50-R), Anthracite (S8005-B20G) and Oak (White oil). 

Our unique colour palette gives you plenty of opportunities to find the right colour for your home.

Quadrant Cube shelving system in standard colours black, white, nepal dark, antracit and oak

Get inspired by our colours styles

We know that many opportunities can make your decision difficult. We want to make it easier for you with three different inspiration themes. Learn more about Calm Me, Up To Speed and By Nature in our catalogue or at a Quadrant retailer near you.

All colours are based on the Natural Colour System

Our colours are based on the international Natural Colour System (NCS). This means that you are always able to find or recreate the colour you need.

If you want to paint one of your old shelving systems or simply wish to add an additional module in the same colour you can easily find the exact colour again.

Quadrant modular shelving system in beautiful colours