Calm Me colour theme aubergine

Calm Me

Use colours to create a sense of calmness

Soft and calm colours create a peaceful ambiance in your home. Why not let your furniture contribute? Calm Me is a colour universe with a beautiful palette of soft colours.

A palette of calm and soft colours

Quadrant Calm Me colour theme

Breath in. Breath out

Colours affect our mood. The same applies to the way we decorate our home. Calm Me creates a special vibe of calmness. In your home as well as in your mind.

Shelving unit old rose colour

Kirsten Johs-Mathiasen

If you wish to create a peaceful ambiance, Calm Me is the perfect colour universe to choose from. The brown and beige colours give a simple vibe in line with the minimalistic Scandinavian tradition. You get a subdued, neutral and clean colour theme.

Kirsten Johs-Mathiasen
Sales & Marketing Manager

Calm Me colour palette

Shelving system in natural colours

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If you prefer high-quality furniture that last a lifetime – and can be enjoyed by future generations – Quadrant is the obvious choice. You design the shelving system as you wish. You are the one who decides.

Find inspiration for your preferred combination and interior design as well as colours in our catalogue. The perfect place to start before you design your own shelving unit in our drawing program.

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Based on our three colour themes By Nature, Calm Me and Up to Speed ​​– or our additional 1,900 colours – you can design your own personal Quadrant shelving unit.

Try out our drawing program and send the drawings to your nearest Quadrant retailer – and look forward to receiving your unique shelving unit.

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By Nature

The colour theme that brings nature into your home. Sprouting beauty and power. Read more

Large shelving system in dark green

Up to Speed

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Shelving system in vivid colours