Tall shelving system in vivid colours

Up to speed

Let your furniture light up the room

Dynamic colours can do wonders and make a room stand out. Let the colour universe Up to Speed add dynamism and contrast in your home. Lots of energetic colours to choose from. The question is: Which one suits you?

An inspiring palette of vivid colours

Up to Speed colour theme with 7 different colours

Pure and bright colours

The Scandinavian furniture tradition is known to be minimalistic. But why not mix that with vivid colours to add a lively ambiance to your home? Up to Speed is the colour theme for you who want to challenge the conventional.

Dark blue shelving system with different depth sizes

Kirsten Johs-Mathiasen

Let your home stand out with colours from our colour theme Up to Speed. Combine craftsmanship and minimalistic design and add an extra touch consisting of vivid colours.

Kirsten Johs-Mathiasen
Sales & Marketing Manager

Vivid colours from Up to Speed colour theme

Orange shelving system with different depth sizes

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Finding the perfect shelving unit for your home can be challenging. Where do you start when almost anything is possible?

We recommend you to explore our catalogue and select the elements, colours and combinations you prefer. Aftwards, you can try out your ideas in our drawing program.

Explore our catalogue

Design the shelving unit of your dreams

Your shelving system – your choice. Quadrant lets you decide the design and compose the shelving unit you need.

Start the design process in our drawing program. Once you have finished your design you can send the drawing to your nearest Quadrant retailer who will help you produce your unique shelving unit.

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Calm Me

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Subdued colours for your shelving system

By Nature

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Shelving systems in natural colours