Explore our most popular combinations

Quadrant gives you endless possibilities with lots of different colours, depths, doors, drawers etc. Maybe you need some inspiration to make your decision? Get inspired by our most popular combinations and mix and match your favourite elements. The choice is yours.

QS610087 / 231,6 x H94 cm

Combine high modules with low modules to create a decorative and commodious look.

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High and low modules for shelving systems

QS610049 / 174 x H38,4 cm

Drawers are perfect for organising your stuff. Combine with doors in your shelving system to create a functional and aesthetic design.

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Shelving units with drawers

White shelving system from Quadrant

QS610054 / 154,8 x H39,6 cm

Show your favourite books or a beautiful vase in an open shelving unit and combine with modules with doors or drawers to hide your knick-knack.

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QS610083 / 174 x H58,8 cm

Shelving systems with push-to-open doors creates a minimalistic look. Combine with different drawers or open shelving units to get the functionality you need.

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Shelving system with push-to-open doors

QS512227 / 39,6 x H42,1 cm

Want a simple look? Choose a module with a shelf to get even more functionality.

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Shelving module with shelf

QS610112 / 174 x H38,4 cm

Mount your shelving system on the wall and get an elegant and simple look in your living room or in your office without compromising on the functionality.

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Suspended shelving systems

White shelving system on the wall

Shelving unit with doors on the wall

QS610075 / 78 x H78 cm

The Quadrant modules come in all kinds of sizes – for example with a height of 78 cm. Combined with push-to-open doors, this is one of our customers’ favourite shelving units.

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Popular shelving unit with doors

QS610080 / 78 x H90 cm

Many of our customers appreciate the ability to move dividers and adjust the quadratic look. A shelving unit like this one is very popular.

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Shelving units with adjustable dividers

Adjustable dividers in shelving unit

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