Care guides

With the right maintenance your shelving system will last a lifetime. Please be aware that the following guideline is a recommended care guide for maintenance and should be followed on own responsibility.

Cleaning and care of varnished MDF

ABC Reol's lacquered surfaces are cleaned with a clean dry cloth, or a hrad-wrung cloth which is subsequently wiped thoroughly with a clean dry cloth.

Staines that have greater resistance can be removed with a weak mixture of hand dishwashing detergent on a hard-wrung cloth, followed by thorough wiping. A microfiber cloth can be used to advantage before any further addition of dishwashing detergent.

In the case of spilled liquids or juices with strongly acidic or basic chemical compounds such as fruit, wine and a like, which remain on the surface for too long, discoloration can occur. THe same will apply to spills of liquids with brightly colored contents such as ink or nail polish. Never use solvents, abrasives, scouring powders or like to remove such a stain as it will only aggravate the case.

Avoid the direct placement of objects such as clay potted plants and vases as they can over time make rings on the varnished surface.


Environmental considerations

ABC Reol's Varnishing is based on a system of aqueous ingredients. The compositions enables excellent resistance throughout the color spectrum. The finished surface quality has passed tests on chemical resistance, abrasion as well as scratch resistance.